Change Management

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‘The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change’. The change hasn’t changed, but its speed and influence have increased tremendously. As much as the innovations and advances in the world of the Internet and Electronics were to be supported by social and economic developments, we have embraced breathtaking changes in recent years. Being just strong is not enough, it is also vital to adapt to changes and be agile.

Small or big, many change initiatives are been taken by the companies; mergers & acquisitions, re-structuring, remote working, relocation, cultural change, introduction of new IT systems, digitalization, renewal of the performance system, agile working, etc. Projects and initiatives are undertaken because there is an opportunity present or a problem to solve; most importantly, a chance to improve performance in a meaningful way.  A fundamental assumption of change is that something different is possible.

Individual shifts in behavior are the cornerstone of change. When numerous individual shifts are taken together as a whole, the desired future state of the organization is achieved. The degree to which a change produces results is directly correlated with individual change.

Change management is an enabling framework for managing the people side of change. It enables us to achieve our expected results and outcomes by preparing, equipping and supporting individuals through their change journeys. By driving adoption and usage, we improve initiative success.

As Feniks Consulting, we use The Prosci Methodology in our Change management projects. It is a structured, adaptable and repeatable approach to enable the people side of change to deliver results. The Prosci Methodology is based on over two decades of research, and supports creation of change management strategies and plans that increase adoption and usage of particular initiative.

Prosci Methodology